Mia Masters, known as the supervillainess “The Mesmerizer” had reprogrammed her brainwashing strap-on. It utilized the most exacting brain science to seduce the will of any human being – male, female, or enby – that touched the firm, ridged length of it.

With the ultimate weapon, Mia naturally set her sights on the ultimate target: Captain Alpha.

Luring the Vixen of Vigor into bed was easier than Mia had expected. She could see the hunger in the heroine’s eyes before she even pulled out the strap-on. Once Captain Alpha had climbed on her lap and was bouncing on the Mesmerizing shaft, Mia began to whisper her commands between kisses.

“You love fucking me, Captain.”

“Mmmm. Oh, yes. I love fucking you,” the heroine repeated.

“You’re going to cum for me soon, Captain.”

“Oh! Oh! YES! I am going to cum for you, soon, Mia,” Captain Alpha screamed. Each super-powered thrust raising the sexual arousal of both women.

“When you cum, you will obey me for ever, Captain.”

“Hush, Mia. Ohmigod. Just kiss me while I cum,” the heroine replied.

“What? But you must obey–” Mia found her lips pressed to Captain Alpha’s. As the hero trembled in the throes of orgasm too powerful to be of this Earth, Mia realized her mistake: Captain Alpha wasn’t human. The nearest human mind to dominate was …

Basking in afterglow of their mutual climaxes, Captain Alpha whispered, “How do you feel, Mia?”

The villainess replied with the only words she could. “I must obey you forever, Captain.”

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