I grinned at my boyfriend, “So every time she’s here you hypnotize her and make her more slutty?”

He nodded toying with the picket patch that he had just used to hypnotize my old college rival. I wasn’t a vindictive person normally but after six years of competition with her during law school I had wanted to get away from that in my career. It had been going well until Lindsey had joined the law firm and been made a partner making her my superior.

It was a stressful situation and stressful to have to constantly compete with her.

The fact that she was also a patient of my boyfriend in his psychology practice had been enough of a coincidence that I had to ask if there was something he could do to help. Surprisingly he had been open to a trade, a few extra blowjobs in exchange for turning Lindsey into a wanton slut whose behavior would get her fired.

She hadn’t yet been fired but she had gotten in trouble for hitting on our biggest client’s husband. My boyfriend assured me that just a few more sessions would ensure she was too slutty to hold down a job at Hooters let alone the most prestigious law firm in Austin.

“That’s how it works. Every time she visits me, she watches the watch and relaxes. It just swings back and forth and she opens her mind to me and I teach her to open her legs for me,” he said fiddling with the watch. I watched it’s slow arc as I grinned imagining her blank and obedient for him. Relaxing.

He continued, “It’s slow work. It takes many sessions to get someone’s mind so open that it can accept new commands. But after awhile the mind can become suggestible and open to molding. To new ideas Karen, open and suggestible.”

I nodded my eyes following the watch that hypnotized Lindsey.

“I like to be open to new ideas. Like hypnotizing your rival. Or when she countered and said that she’d pay me far more than a few blow jobs to do the same to you. Now you’re both so open and obedient and you both think you’re playing the other,” he said.

I nodded my mind foggy. Something did not seem right but I was so relaxed. He smiled.

“The truth is she makes more than you. So she is going to keep her job, paying me part of her salary and serving as my girlfriend. My parents will be so proud I’m dating a partner at a law firm. Meanwhile you’re going to quit and become my new secretary and fuck toy.”

“Wai…” I struggled with the idea. I like my job and…

“Sink deeper Karen. Undress as you obey and relax. No more worries. You wanted to end the fight with Lindsey. You did. You’ll never compete for a job with her again.”

He smiled.

I relaxed. It was nice to relax and not have to compete with Lindsey anymore.