Sable longed for

She wanted to punch
Terence Tartarus in the face. She wanted to grab the villain by his
flabby dick and throw him through a wall. She wanted to use her
super-strength to kick a whole in the floor and drop him in it.

But the Compliance
Earrings she wore whispered Tartarus’s last words in her mind, over
and over: Sit still, bitch, and listen.

Sable sat still. She

She heard her partner,
Argent, moaning with desire. Sable imagined what such pleasure felt
like. She heard Tartarus’s hands slapping the heroine’s breasts
and felt her own nipples harden in sympathy. She heard the villain
whispering commands to “feel so horny” and “want to please me
so much” and “desperate for my cock.” She felt her pussy
growing wet and hot and thirsty. She had never wanted anything more.

Sable longed for

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