The curse of her people robbed the Amazing Amazon of her strength whenever she was bound by a man. So why was she as weak as a kitten when Wizardess was the one who had chained her?

“I see the confusion in your eyes, Amazon,” said the sorceress supervillainess. “Your mind searches for answers. You long to know why you kneel before me. You cannot fathom the reasons my voice stir the passions of your heart … and your loins.”

“Your … magic,” the bound heroine muttered between moans. Her whole body trembled with pleasure.

“I don’t need spells to conquer you, my needy little slut,” snapped Wizardess. “Your own lies are your undoing. Your body is weak because it feels good to be on your knees before me. Your mind opens to my words because they speak the truth. Your soul submits to mine because you finally realize your place. Isn’t that so?”

“Nuhh … Nnn … Yes, Mistress,” she said, her body writhing in the bliss of erotic submission.

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