Highly Charged


My friend Chloe wanted some help setting up her new TV and surround sound system so we were at her house putting up the units and wiring the electronics when she touched an exposed wire and was blasted across the room by a huge surge of electricity.

“Holy crap, are you okay?” I cried running across the room to where her body was writhing and shaking.  At first I thought she was having a fit, but then I realised she was changing.  Something incredibly weird was happening and my slim and slender friend was bursting out at the seams!  Her small flat chest was straining and swelling, causing her top to stretch as she shook and transformed.

“Oooowwww,” she groaned sitting up and looking at the unit she smashed through.  Her breasts were now massive and her lips were thicker.  She looked like some sort of slutty bimbo instead of the clever, sensitive girl I knew.

“Like… what happened to me?” she giggled looking down at her huge new cleavage and playing with her hair.

“Ooooh, I got like totally hotter… look at my big titties!”

“Chloe, we need to get you to the hospital – you aren’t yourself, something is wrong with you.”

Standing up Chloe grinned and licked her thick new cock sucking lips.  “Does this like look wrong to you baby? I feel totally amazing.  Mmmmmh, I love having these big titties on my chest.”  Pulling down her top unashamedly, Chloe looked at me with her dirty new face and jiggled her breasts happily.

“No… you need checking out.”

I turned to go to the phone, but Chloe put her hand out to stop me.  To our joint surprise a spark of electricity shot out of her hands and I groaned as I fell to the floor, my entire body numb.

“Oooooh, I’m still fully charged,” giggled Chloe.  “Guess that means I can change you too…”

Kneeling down Chloe pulled out my small average dick and wrapped her hand round it.  “Hmmmm, let’s see if I can charge this bad boy up a little…”

She began rubbing her hand up and down my cock and as she did so the energy in her body began to ground into me.  I cried and groaned as a wonderful feeling built up in my cock. It began to grow… not just getting hard, but getting bigger as the slutty bimbo before me used her powers to transform me too.

“Ooooh,” she giggled, “look how big your dick is now.  Isn’t that sooooo much better?”

Chloe eagerly engulfed my cock between her huge titties and began to give me a titjob.  It felt amazing and as she took the tip into her mouth my entire body throbbed.  Muscle grew as I became stronger and more studly, an appropriate match the cumslut before me.

Throwing Chloe over the sofa, I tore her pantyhose open and shoved my big fat cock deep into her tight slutty pussy.  As I fucked her, the new bimbo titties on her chest wobbled and she moaned like a dumb whore.

“Ohhhh isn’t this wonderful baby, I want you to cum in me and spunk all over my new body.  We’re gonna have so much fun being this way…”

One thing was for certain – our new sexual relationship was definitely highly charged!