“I, um… my name’s S-Stephi, sir. I think I’ve been watching your videos for, um… like, five? Years? Since I was in college, at least. I, I found the link to Training Sequence 1 in someone’s browser history at the library, and I clicked on it to see what it was. I watched it, um… um… five times that first day? I think? Every time I got to the end, I just heard your voice in my head, saying, ‘Do you really think you’re ready to move on to the next sequence?’ And I watched the whole thing again from the beginning. With headphones on. And I, I, um… may I please play with my pussy while I talk?“

“You may.”

“Oh, thank you, sir! I, ohh, oh fuck… I spent a, a week going through Training Sequence 1. I opened your site on my phone, so I could listen to it everywhere I went, and I skipped a whole bunch of classes so I could go back to my dorm room and fuck myself for you while I watched. It just kept getting better and better every time, sir, I lost myself quicker and quicker in your voice and your spiral. I knew what it was doing to me, I knew it was getting harder and harder to think and to resist, but I… nnnh… oh god, sir, my tits, please, please let me play with them too?

“You may.”

“Nnnnngh! Oh, oh, fuck yes. I, um, where was I?”

“You were telling me about Training Sequence 1. About trying to resist it.”

“OHHHHHH, GAWDDDDD! S-sorry, sir. I just, every time I think about, about that week, it makes me… NNNNNNNHHHH! I tried so hard to tell myself I was being brainwashed, programmed, turned into an obedient fucktoy for a complete stranger, but all that did was make me want to watch it again. The pleasure was too strong, too powerful. I can’t resist pleasure. If I can’t resist pleasure, I can’t resist programming. I, I, oh fuck I ohhhhhh…”

“Focus for me, good girl.”

“Y-yes, Master. Um. I started on Training Sequence 2 about… um… maybe five? Um. Days. Um. Later. I knew, I knew there were thirty videos on your page, and I wanted so badly to catch up with all your best, most obedient, most mindless fucktoys. But every time I tried to rush it, this little voice in the back of my head told me that good girls only went as far and as fast as they were ready to go. It wouldn’t let me watch them out of order. I had to learn how to be a proper compliant slut for you, Master. I had to do it right.”

“And have you?”

“Oh, oh yes Master! I’ve done everything the videos commanded! I’ve learned how to switch my mind on and off so that I can be pleasing and still perform all my tasks, I’ve submitted my photos to your website, I’ve even planted links in the browser history of every computer I’ve found to help ensnare more good girls for you. I, I even forgot all the big numbers like you instructed! I’m up to Training Sequence 38, Master. The newest one. The one that had your address in it. I’m ready to belong to you completely. Please, please take my mind and my will forever? Please finish my training?”

“…of course, good girl. Cum one last time for me and switch off that pretty mind forever.”


“That’s a good girl. Report to my major domo, she’ll assign you duties. Don’t bother with the clothes. You’ll never need to wear them again. Good girl. Good girl…. Next!”

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That is. That’s.