There may have been
honor among theives, but there certainly wasn’t any among

After the Hedonist’s
latest crime, the bounty for his capture rose high enough to attract
the attention of Duplinatrix. The supervillainess split herself in
two so she could overpower the Hedonist and claim the reward.

“It’s over,
Hedonist,” said the Duplinatrix on the right.

“There’s two of
me, but only one of you,” finished the Duplinatrix on the left.

The Hedonist turned
and grinned. “Two beautiful bodies, but only one powerful cock.
Whatever shall we do?”

As the villain wrapped
his fist around his swollen shaft, Duplinatrix felt her bodies fill
with pleasure. Every stroke made her more aroused. She wanted to turn
him on because it turned her on. Letting her hands wander across her
other body, Duplinatrix felt the rush of lust the floor show evoked
in the Hedonist.

As the villainess
teased and tweaked herself toward orgasm, Hedonist muttered, “Two
sexy slaves for the price of none. That’s my kind of deal!”

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