She doesn’t know why Master unlocked her forgotten memories but it was a surreal experience. She went back through years of hidden memories and watched them all. It felt like she was in the room as he programmed her mind and fucked her body.

She heard her old self moan as she called him master for the first time. Saw her body quake as he made her climax for the first time. She saw herself standing mindless as he rewrote her past to make her
forget she ever broke up with him. As he made her forget about her new
boyfriend and love him again.

She saw the day he removed her sexual inhibitions. The night he made her cum until she could barely think. The week he kept her in trance with no thoughts of her own.

She saw herself in the halloween stores buying the slutty outfits he loved to fuck her in. The schoolgirl outfit, the cheering uniform, the harem costume, the maid uniform and more.

By the time she returned to reality she knew everything he had done to her. All the changes he made to her mind. She knew that practically every thought in her mind was implanted by him. That the woman she once was barely existed anymore. That the man who stole her mind, her heart, her life, was standing right in front of her.

What else could she say but “Thank you Master”