The Seductress was pleased with Becca Boothe’s technique. Had it only been a week ago that the chaste little virgin had never kissed a woman? Look at her now, skillfully licking her mistress’s cunt, not a thought in her head but following Seductress’s orders.

As wave after wave of pleasure washed over her, Seductress decided that Becca Boothe was ready for her first assignment. As her breathing quickend, the villainess made a mental list of triggers and compulsions she would need to install in that pretty little head so that Becca would seduce the next heroine that rescued her. After her savior was blissfully asleep from the onslaught of pleasure, Becca would text her location to the Seductress. This girl’s tongue would be the irresistible bait for her superheroine trap.

As the siren call of orgasm rang through her blood, Seductress knew she had to start Becca’s conditioning soon. Before she grew too fond of the girl.

Basking the the warm post-orgasmic glow, the Seductress resolved to begin the conditioning after Becca had licked her to one more orgasm…

…or maybe one more after that.

A sequel of sorts to this caption story.

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We’re going to get a third installment of this, right? Please?

A trilogy of seduction, @opcaptions? What a positively delicious idea.

We’ll just have to wait and see what the Seductress has in store for the beguiled Becca Boothe (and her ravenous readers)!