Samantha kept munching on her third pizza of the day. This would have bothered her a few days ago but with the discovery of the Master PC program, her perfectly cute bubble butt, her slim model waistline, her long gorgeous hair draped over her back and bed, all of those physical concerns were gone.

When she discovered the program, it became clear to her that the few permanent changes she did to herself was accepted as perfectly normal by everybody else, including her boyfriend (who got a update in the downstairs department, mainly for her own pleasure). But that was not where she wanted to go. 

Looking through the settings, she had found the perfect combination for her own little kinks.
First and most importantly, reset reality to previous physical and mental state after 24 hours passed. Checked.
Awareness of reality having been altered during the duration: Nobody. Checked.
Oblivious to the program and its changes for the duration: Herself. Checked.
Retaining all memories after changes have concluded: Herself. Checked.

Typing in the changes for this first trail, she hit Enter and….

“Your, what did you call it? Wine? It tastes excellent my dear human.”

“I told you already, my name is Daniel, now will you please put some clothes on?”

“There is no need, I already told you so. The holographic projector can make me look like any of your species, but I prefer to look like normal with you here.”

“Please Samdexherathi-berhatgDAAA that name is just simply impossible to pronounce with a human tongue.”

“Again, I told you to call me Sam, that is perfectly fine for this type of first contact. Now, what were you going to say”

“Please don’t use your pheromones tonight. I have a super important meeting tomorrow and I can’t spend the night fucking you again, no matter how pleasuring it is mmmmmmm.”

“Oh, you misunderstand little human. Those “Pheromones” you speak of are simply what I smell like. It is not my fault that you become so, what was your word for it again? Right, Horny when breathing it. Not that I complain, Sedrellachich males have nothing in the equipment department compared to you humans. Now how about we get into some inter-species copulations? 


“Thought as much.”

——–24 hours later——-

Samantha lay panting on her own bed, in her much more human skin and body. All the memories of the past 24 hours had been a blur, but after fucking her boyfriend unconscious she had taken the mailman, the neighbor and his wife into her body. It all had felt so natural and fantastic, yet something was missing. Something she had yearned for. and now it was within her grasp.

Setting up the limitations exactly the same as before, seriously, this was a reality altering program, how could it not create simple macros? Same as before and then started typing carefully and extremely specific. She hovered her finger over the Enter button and smiled as she pressed it down……

“Welcome home Master Daniel. How may this slave pleasure you today.”

“Ughhh. Still not used to having you around Suki. How was your day?”

“It was pleasing Master. I have cleaned the entire house, done the dishes, washed your clothing and stayed horny all day awaiting your return.”

“Thats grea…wait, I never told you to do that last thing.”

“Silly Master. You don’t actually need to tell me to do things. What kind of a slave would this one be if I could not read your mind and learn what you truly wish for me to do?

“That’s…. a little terrifying but also very hot. How about food?”

“The steak is almost done. Medium rare, correct?”

“That mind reading thing is probably going to take longer to get used to than the hole slave thing.”

“Now, while you eat, would you like me to give you a blowjob, a titjob or fuck me across the table?”


“You are naughty Master. All 3 it is as you command.”

——-24 hours later——-

Samantha fell off the bed as she got pulled back into her original reality. Trying to quickly getting back up on it, she had to attempt 4 times standing up before getting there due to the flood of memories pouring into her brain. 

Suki had a lot of thoughts and memories to go over but one thing was clear. Samantha absolutely loved it, as long as she could reset it back to normal. Looking at the program and the empty change box in it, she could feel her own imagination setting the limit. But what if she didn’t have to?

((To be continued, for real this time))