It was just a silly pair of sunglasses, wasn’t it? Wasn’t it?

The photographer had offered them to Anna, presumably as a joke, something to make the photoshoot fun and silly. Game for a laugh, she’d accepted the offer.

No sooner had Anna placed the shades over her eyes, however, she’d seen the spirals begin to waltz, dance and spin in front of her. Just a fun trick, I bet…

Anna didn’t remove them. A rising tide of panic surfaced in her mind as she found that she….simply couldn’t remove them. Panic passed, as she continued to let the spirals fill her vision. I don’t want to remove the glasses. I want to keep them on. I never want to stop being programmed.

Programmed. That thought was new. New, but somehow, it felt…good. Anna sighed, contentedly. A smile blossomed over her lips as she relaxed, letting the spirals into her mind, overrunning her brain, and turning her into the photographer’s obedient sex slave – the perfect doll.