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“You’re really doing much better,” she said touching my arm and smiling. We had just finished a jog followed by stretching and had arrived back at a small park behind my house. It was relatively secluded, which was why we felt fine doing our exercises out there on nice days.

That and Valeria liked to smoke afterwards. I had given up trying to understand why in Spain smoking was still as popular as it was, even as in almost every other aspect they were healthier than we were back in America.

“A couple of months away from Five Guys and warm weather and I’m getting back into shape,” I agreed. Having taken this job teaching psychology in Spain was proving to be good for me. With Valeria as my guide, and Teacher’s Assistant, I was settling in nicely. That she had been helping me get active and fit was another benefit.

“Soon all the boys will hit on you,” she said reaching for her pack of cigarettes.

I laughed, “Well I guess that’s a risk I’ll have to take. Why do you smoke, by the way?”

She shrugged, “Bad habit, my mother smoked. I began in Instituto, your high school. I can’t stop now.”

“If you want to I can help,” I said, “you’ve been helping me get in shape, I could help you.”

She considered it, “Okay, you can use psychology on me.”

“Well maybe not quite that, but just take a deep breath,” I instructed her, “and hold it.”

I watched her chest rise as she followed my instruction. I counted in my mind to three and then said, “And exhale, and relax. Now keep breathing like this, deep breath in and wait to breath out. Keep going, in deep and out to relax.”

Sitting silent for a moment I let her continue breathing. After working out this naturally relaxed her, building on her body’s natural tiredness from exerting itself so much. As I watched her posture relaxed, her body slumped forward slightly and her breathing became deeper.

“Focus on my finger now,” I said, holding my left index finger up level with her face right in line with her nose. I moved it left to right, and then back. I repeated this, making her eyes follow my finger as she continued to breath.

Then I moved my finger closer to her face, forcing her eyes to readjust their focus. As I did this with my other hand I reached behind her and gently pushed on the back of her head. At the same time I snapped my left hand’s fingers and said firmly, “Dormir.”

Surprised her mind shut down, and she flopped against my body. I continued to speak, talking quickly to flood her mind with suggestions and keep it asleep. “Dormir, dormir. Sleep, deeper and deeper. Just listen to my voice, relax and let go. So heavy and tired. Dormir. Sleep.”

I continued to deepen the trance, talking for about five minutes to her before starting into the meat of the suggestions. I began by suggesting that cigarettes would begin to disgust her, that the smell and the taste would be like a zorrillo (skunk). I then suggested that she would want to visit me more, for help with her habit. I gave her a trigger, to help her relax into trance again and then added one last command.

“When you awaken you will be very aroused. Feeling very good after working out, and relaxing for me. You will be grateful for my help with your habit, so grateful that you will want to make me happy. So aroused, and wanting to make me happy Valeria,” I said, “You will want to seduce me, to find out if your suspicion that I am a lesbiana is correct.”

Her face flushed slightly.

I finished up in her mind, and then counted her up with suggestions to forget everything from the trance. As she came to she looked at me, her eyes shaking off the sleepy heaviness and focusing on me as if seeing me for the first time.

“Doctor Katy,” she said, a name that we’d eventually agreed to when I couldn’t get her to stop calling me Doctor McKenzie and had asked her to just call me Katy.


Her hand began to remove her workout top, essentially just a sports bra, “Do you think me interesting?”

“I think you are very interesting Valeria,” I said watching as she discarded the top.

“Can I, help you…” she began.

I leaned in, pressing my lips to hers, my hand going to her nearest breast, cupping it. Spain was indeed proving to be good for me.

This story was previously released for my Patreon supporters. To help support my erotic hypnosis writing, and get access to unreleased, preview and other content please consider supporting me.