“What’s wrong? Don’t you want me?” Karen asked, sultrily, as she unfastened the remaining buttons on her full-length jacket.

“I was told you found me….very attractive. The operatives at the Celebrity Escort Service conditioned me to please you in any way I can. Were they wrong?”

“N-no…please, continue…” the man replied, mind finally catching up with the fact that the call he’d made yesterday, to a service he’d never believed could deliver on their promises, had indeed fulfilled his wishes. And how…

A tiny voice in Karen’s head, meanwhile, was screaming against this. She didn’t want to be here…to be doing this…with a complete stranger. This isn’t me! 

Her protests were futile, of course. The Celebrity Escort Service promises total submission, obedience and sexual slavery, of any famous woman, to any client willing to pay.

Once contact has been made with the target, their free will is forced, through intense brainwashing, to take a backseat, whilst their mind is adjusted to meet the client’s wishes. The conditioning has never failed. The target is simply compelled to obey.


Karen was stronger than most. The voice that represented her free will hadn’t stopped fighting. Her conscious mind could still hear it, but the programming was stronger. For the next twenty-four hours, she would be his plaything, and he’d be completely unaware of the battle raging within her head. Karen would make sure he got exactly what he’d paid for.

“I’m yours, Master…” she declared, standing before him.

Another in the occasional ‘Celebrity Escort Service’ series, as seen here

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