Elle knelt at the foot of the couch – hands behind her head, tits thrust out – with nothing on but her bra and panties. Her eyes had slipped a while back. It was hard to tell how long. It could have been days since she’d surrendered to the cloud her mind was now floating on.

“So lovely,” a voice said from in front of her. It was the voice. The voice that had talked her up onto her cloud. Oh how she loved that voice. “I’ve wanted you for so long, Elle.”

The voice wanted her! It felt so wonderful to hear that. If she could move she’d have jumped for joy. But the voice had told her to take this position and she had to do as the voice said. She would move when it commanded.

“Just look at those tits. So many years of seeing them crammed into a tight t-shirt or bouncing in a wet bikini. Now they’re mine.”

And they were. The voice could do anything it wanted with her tits. Never in her life would she have called them that. Too old to call them boobs, she always thought of them as breasts. But the voice called them tits, so tits is what they were.

“And how I’ve wanted to feel every inch of your skin. And taste your lips and your nips and your twat.”

Twat. That was the thing between her legs now. She had a twat and it felt so good.

“You want me to do it, now. You want me to taste you.”

Her twat moistened slightly. She wanted the voice to taste her. Everything it said was true. She hoped it would soon. She loved it up on her cloud, but feeling the mouth attached to the voice roaming all over her skin would truly make it paradise. She almost quivered with anticipation, but she did not move. The voice had not permitted it.

“Elle tell me that you want me.”

“I want you,” she heard her voice say from some far away place. And she did. So so badly.

“Tell me that I own you.”

“You own me.”

“And after all these years of suffering from watching you prance around like a prize I could never win, tell me that you belong to me mind and body.”

“I belong to you, mind and body.”

Elle felt a finger run the length of her twat outside her panties.

“Open your eyes, Elle. I want to look into those empty eyes while I claim your body as mine.”

Elle opened her eyes and stared at last at the owner of the voice and felt their ownership over her pressing down on her and into her soul. She was no longer just a person. She was property. And her tits and twat were so ready to serve.

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