The broad, soft silk
wrapped tight around Sable’s head, while the Compliance circuits
woven into its fabric squeezed her mind even tighter. The
superheroine had room for only a single thought:


slurped the cock deep into her throat, letting it thrust in and out
as the silk tie guided her head back and forth. There was nothing but
lips, lust, tongue, silk, throat, and cock. She heard a deep male
grunt from above and her flesh quivered with joy. As hot, salty spunk
filled her mouth, a new feeling sprouted within Sable: Satisfaction.

the silk tie was gone.

of the Compliance band, Sable’s mind was her own again. Awareness,
memories, and shame flooded into the young heroine. Warm ropes of
sticky cum streteched from her lips to his cock, leaving no question
of what she had just done. Her pussy still trembled on the edge of
climax, leaving no doubt of how much she had enjoyed it.

very good at that for being such a devoted rug-muncher,” sneered
Terence Tartarus. “What would your beloved super-dyke Argent think
of you now?”

can’t ever know,” Sable whispered, hanging her head.

can be arranged for the right price,” Tartarus said, tucking the
Compliance Band back into the pocket of he bespoke suit. “That sort
of secret is worth a lot more than a blowjob, slut. Let’s see what
other skills you have to offer …”

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