“Thanks, but no thanks…” replied Supergirl, dismissing the Kryptonian Giant’s offer to join forces and rule this planet in the name of their ancestors.

Did he know nothing about my role on this planet? I’m here to protect it, not to conquer it!

“Very well, Kara. Let it be known that I offered you a choice, and you refused. But men like me do not take no for an answer. Mezyptlikmerusa!

Before Supergirl could process what he’d said, her conscious mind and free will had already slipped far, far away, trapped in their own Fortress of Solitude. She was dimly aware of a voice…her voice? But she didn’t like the words falling from her lips.

“Yes, My Lord. I hear and I obey.”

“That’s much better, slut. Now, remove your clothes, and get on your knees. If you will not rule beside me, then you need to learn your place in the society I will establish on this miserable little world. My protector, recruiter, and harem slave.”

“Yes, My Lord. I hear and I obey.” replied Supergirl, mindlessly obeying. She wanted nothing more than to serve him, forever….