“I’m afraid your
friends at the Libido League were wrong about me, Detective Voyeur,”
said the Seductress as she paced in front of the captive policewoman.

“Just because they
seized my laboratory while I was in prison does not mean that they
are safe. And neither are you.” the supervillainess trailed her
fingers over Maggie Voyeur’s naked flesh, studying every tremble,
noting the puckering of every pore.

self-important heroines think that without my computers and
chemicals, I am helpless. That technology was only an aid of my own
genius. It made conditioning quicker. But the skill is my own. You know what they say: ‘Anything you can’t do with duct tape is not worth doing.’ What
does it matter if it takes a bit longer to train you to be my loyal
slave girl?” Seductress pinched Maggie’s right nipple with
deliberate fingertips. The bound cop let out a muffled moan beneath
the duct tape gag. “We have all the time in the world, Detective.
You’re not going anywhere.”

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