Nnnnngh….Ballerina trap…

Her pointe shoes and muscles and that pose…owning me so early…

“You said you wanted photographs of the dancers as we truly are, Mr. Youngson,” said the half-naked ballerina to Jaime Youngson as the eager cub reporter stumbled into the dance studio. “Do you like what you see?”

Jaime had to swallow three times before he could get his voice to work. “Very much, ma’am. You are very beautiful.”

“Certainly not more beautiful than Captain Alpha?” the dancer replied. “Everyone knows you have a special relationship with her.”

Jaime’s cock felt like it would burst from his jeans. “She trusts me … to keep her secrets … ma’am.”

“Oh, let’s not be so formal,” the woman said. She straddled a cane back chair, exposing the unfathomable beauty of her naked pussy. Jaime could not take his eyes from the drops of dew forming on her lips. “I will call you ‘little boy’ and you will call me by my full name.”

The reporter grunted as his knees hit the floor. “Yes, Mistress Venus di Milo!”

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