“Ohhhh….fuck yesss…that’s it…right there….fuck….fuck….” Gemma wailed, surrendering herself to the rhythms of the young prop hand’s thrusts. 

Filming had finished for the day, and Gemma was one of the last to leave the location, when he’d approached her. She vaguely recognised him as one of the crew, smiling politely as he waved what she believed, at first, to be a simple farewell.

That’s when she saw it. Wrapped around his finger. A ring. Not a wedding ring – wrong finger – but a ring that seemed to glimmer and shimmer as it caught the dusk light streaming through the windows of the house.

Gemma blinked, once, twice, and dimly realised that in that brief moment, the young man had taken the opportunity to approach her, now standing inches from the stunned actress.

Her body frozen, Gemma’s eyes grew wide and her mouth opened slack, tilting her head slightly to the side as she stared ahead at the ring, tight on his finger his hand held in front of her face.

“No questions. No thoughts. No resistance. The ring compels you, Gemma. Fuck me, and don’t hold anything back.” 

His words settled on Gemma’s placid mind like commands from some superior, a God amongst men. He lowered his hand, and Gemma blinked again.

As she came to, Gemma smiled, taking the young man’s hand, and leading him to the chair. 

Who he was, what he’d done to her, her reputation – none of that mattered. She wanted to, no, needed to fuck him, to feel his godly cock inside her cunt. 

As he came inside her, Gemma’s mind folded in on itself completely. The ring on his finger, his seed inside her, she was bound to him forever as his concubine.

The following day, all seemed normal as Gemma finished her filming. It was then she saw the ring, and everything else fell away. She was wrapped around his finger, completely.