“I… I don’t want to be hypnotized.”

Of course you don’t. Don’t worry, I promise I won’t hypnotize you unless you ask.

“And–and I’m not going to ask. Because I don’t want to be hypnotized by you.”

I believe you. You’re probably just lying naked on the bed like that because it feels more comfortable, that’s all. You have every right to take off as much clothing as you want without incurring any kind of obligation.

“G-good. I, um, yes. I just wanted to get… um, comfortable. Like you said. It, it doesn’t mean I’m thinking about staring into your eyes, or, or looking at that pocket watch of yours. I’m not following your suggestions, I just, I, yes. What you said. Comfortable.”

No, no, I understand. Are you comfortable right now?

“I–yes. No. Why do you ask. Is that an induction? Are you asking me if I feel comfortable so I’ll relax or something?”

No, it’s just that… well, you don’t look very comfortable. You’re squirming a lot. On the bed. Naked. With your legs spread, ahem. Very wide.

“It’s nothing, okay? I’m just thinking about, about–about nothing! But, I mean, not about nothing like I’m not thinking about anything anymore, I’m just thinking about nothing in particular. I’m not thinking about hypnosis, I’m not thinking about going into a trance and playing with my pussy, and I am not thinking about sucking your cock. Okay, Master?”

Sure. Fine.

Only… I couldn’t help but notice that you squirm a little more every time my fingers get close to the pocket watch on the table. And you seem to be sucking on your own finger. Enthusiastically. It’s pretty sexy, I have to say. Again, purely as a compliment with no obligation incurred.

“That, that doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t mean… I, I’m not p-picturing the watch in my mind. I’m not imagining it… going back and forth, s-swaying side to side… following it with my eyes…”

You know the interesting thing about the subconscious? It doesn’t recognize negatives. It’s why a good hypnotist never suggests ‘don’t do this’, because the subject is very likely to do what he’s telling them not to do. So when a subject is in trance, near trance, or even thinking about trance, sometimes their deep self simply edits every ‘no’ out of what they’re saying. Or hearing. Isn’t that fascinating?

“I, um, I don’t know what you’re trying to, I mean, I don’t want to be hypno–um, I’m not thinking–no wait, I’m thinking of nothing, no, I… I, um… yes?”

Yes what?

“…yes Master.”

That’s a good girl. Deeper and deeper, now. Good girl.