It’s just a bit of harmless flirting, Amazing Amazon thought as her host locked his office door. The Amazon was here in her secret identity as Artemis Princeps, intelligence analyst. Her mission was to find out more about the new head of Absinthe Industries: Timon Tartarus. Did he really mean to end the company’s evil ways? Did he mean to put his brother’s legacy of malevolence behind him?

“Now that we’re alone,” Timon Tartarus said, taking off his silk tie, “what did you want to talk about, Ms. Princeps?”

He’ll tell me more if I let him think I’m helplessly starstruck, Artemis thought. “Oh, I want to hear every little thing you care to tell me, Mr. Tartarus.”

With a sudden motion, Timon wrapped his silk necktie around Artemis’s wrists, trapping them. “In that case, I’m going to need your undivided attention, Artemis.”

It’s a good thing he doesn’t know how powerless being bound by a man makes me, Artemis thought as she felt her Amazonian strength drain away. “I’m listening, Mr. Tartarus … sir.”

Dropping to one knee, Timon Tartarus tugged on Artemis’s wrists until she found herself in a lewd squat, her thighs spread wide. “I want you looking, too, girl. Looking right into my eyes.”

Gazing up into his powerful gaze, her strength fled, her legs splayed, Artemis had never felt so open, so vulnerable. “I’m … looking … sir.”

As Tartarus reached under her skirt and slipped a finger into Artemis’s wet pussy, a jolt of pleasure and submission thrilled up her spine. Tartarus smiled as Artemis moaned helplessly. “Now that I have your attention, you are going to tell me all the secrets of your Amazon sisters and the Libido League, Amazing Amazon.”

He knows! The thought made Artemis moan louder. He planned this to trap me! His finger made her pussy bloom with pleasure. He’s going to make me tell him everything. The thought took Artemis to the edge of her orgasm, trembling.

“Yes, Master,” the words took her the rest of the way to bliss, and submission.

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