Usually, Marionette liked to use her superpowers to capture stuck-up rich bitches that had pissed off the wrong people. She loved getting paid huge bank for slipping her fingers into those well-toned cunts and making them beg for collars of servitude.

Sometimes, Marionette liked to surprise a superheroine with a finger bang like none other. It made her so wet to hear the mighty and powerful bitches begging for her touch and thanking her for making them her fuck toy. The money was great, but the thrill of hearing her words falling from the lips of a superheroine was the best part.

And every once in a great while, Marionette liked to get eaten out exactly the way she wanted it. Her fingers in this haughty banker’s cunt where controlling the girl’s tongue. Perfect speed. Perfect rhythm. Perfect technique. As orgasm rolled across her body, Marionette was certain of one thing.

If you want something done right, do it yourself.

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