Stacy came for a massage. Deep tissue, to be precise. I came well recommended, and it’s not braggadocio to say I’m very good at what I do.

What I do is massage, true. My hands worked through all of the knots in Stacy’s shoulders. You’d be surprised how much tension you can carry there, and Stacy gave a little moan of relief as I worked that area.

I’ve practiced my skills for a long time, and I know how to make a woman relax. Really, really relax. It’s simply a matter of selecting a few pressure points, and Stacy was cut off in mid purr as all voluntary control of her body stopped.

I am a professional, and I knew this wouldn’t last long. She wouldn’t be needing any modesty towel anymore. A few more choice pressure points and she was off the table and standing. That the precise location to control a woman’s mouth is by manipulating her pussy has never ceased to make me smile. I could have made Stacy smile, too, but as her mouth opened wide, I had other uses for it.

Stacy will never remember how much stress she relieved me of. None of these fine women ever have. They just know they’ve never felt better when they left, and they simply must tell their friends about their new amazing masseuse…