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I shifted in my seat on the bus. Looking around at the new people who had gotten on. I was tense, but then everyone looked tense. Since news of what was being called ‘The Phrase’ had gotten out life in public was extremely dangerous. The authorities had no way of explaining the phrase, no way of combating it and daily there were reports of new people missing or obeying those that knew it.

The phrase was a phrase, just that. But what was remarkable about it was that when spoken to someone it somehow completely bypassed their will. Nobody in authority knew what the phrase was, at least not that anyone was sharing, but they knew that it was out there in the world. People knew it and its effects were being seen. People were staying home, skipping work. The bus was nearly empty when two months ago it would have been filed at this time of day.
I didn’t have the kind of job that you could do from home, or the kind of bank account that let me just skip work. As much as I didn’t want to risk the trip I had to. And so I sat there, nervously watching out for someone. Who? Nobody knew, it could have been one person or a whole army of them and from all accounts there was no way of knowing if someone was under the influence of the phrase until it was too late.

A man got on the bus. His eyes scanned the passengers, the empty seats and then he walked down towards the back. He did not look at me as he went past, but I heard him slide into a seat behind me. 

“Obedience is…” my mind didn’t register the rest of the words whispered into my ear. I felt a sudden rush of euphoria and then a calmness settled over me. I smiled slightly, as I listened to the man explain what I needed to do.

At the next stop I got off the bus and walked up the street to an address that was burned into my memory. There I stopped, and found a key under a doormat. I knew it would be there, because the voice had told me. I opened the door and entered.

A woman was sitting at a computer. She looked up startled.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“Obedience is…” I said, the phrase leaving my lips in full. I watched the surprise drain from her face as she accepted the phrase. I then gave her the commands that I was told to give her. We both left together, she drove us to an address that I had been given and had passed on.

The man from the bus was there, as were three other men. 

“Perfect. See Mark you have your ex-girlfriend now and I’ve got this new girl from the bus to use,” the man from the bus said. He cupped my chin in his hand and smiled at me, “You love me more than anyone else, you’re aroused by me. You want me.”

I swallowed, my pussy suddenly flooded. My legs felt weak near him. I needed him inside of me, needed to obey him and please him. Needed to do anything to make him happy.

“And so that was the last time I rode the bus until today. Thank you for listening to my story. Oh, by the way… Obedience is…”

Fuck that’s hot.