“I’m sure you are wondering how I plan on interrogating you with that gag in your mouth,” said the Russian agent as he lifted up the skirt of Jane Bound, British secret agent Eta. Bound pulled against the leather straps that held her wrists and ankles to the sturdy chair, but there was no slack. The blindfold kept her eyes in total darkness, just as the ball gag silenced her completely.

Jane Bound was completely helpless.

“You see, interrogation is not my goal,” the Russian continued. “No, not at first. First I must break you. Only when you have spent all your strength will I offer you the honor of giving up your secrets.”

Bound felt a cold, sharp pinch in her neck. “I have injected you with a special compound. It will … well, you will see.”

Bound had dealt with truth drugs before. The key was stay out of her head, to keep her attention focused in her body. She felt the smooth, rich leather of the chair under her naked ass. She felt the cool air on her exposed crotch. She felt her captor’s warm, strong hands on her thigh. She felt her pussy grow warm, and wet.

So wet. So hot. Bound heard herself moan around the ball gag.

The Russian chuckled. “Now you understand. I will make you cum until you have nothing left. I recently broke an American agent. She passed out after twenty-seven orgasms. Let’s see if you British are made of sterner stuff.”

As his long, talented fingers circled her clit, Jane Bound was only too eager to comply.

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