Mnemonica, the Pscarlet Psychic, was the resident telepath of the Libido League. Her ability to read minds had always allowed her to stay one step ahead of her foes. She knew what they were going to do before they did. Her mental powers had saved her neck dozens of times.

But tonight was different. Tonight, Mnemonica faced a new foe: The Hedonist. As she reached into his head, she was assailed by how much pleasure he was feeling just from beholding the beauty of her body. Stripping out of her costume brought Mnemonica a rush of pleasure like none she’d ever know.

As the Hedonist approached, Mnemonica could feel the sensation of the air itself caressing his naked cock. As she took the Hedonist’s member in her hand, Mnemonica moaned in ecstasy, her mind lost in every iota of pleasure the Hedonist felt.

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