Danni isn’t quite finished yet. When Isabella pulls her away from the soft, slick fountain between Isabella’s thighs, there’s still just a tiny glimmer of intelligence in her eyes, a sliver of consciousness that knows what’s happening to her and tries to resist. It’s not enough to save her, of course; the fog of Isabella’s musk that clings to her lips and tongue is more than enough to keep her dazed and compliant. But Isabella’s never been a believer in half-measures. She snaps her fingers until the confused girl’s blank, uncomprehending eyes finally look away from Isabella’s cunt to stare up into Isabella’s powerful gaze.

“You’re so ready, aren’t you?” Isabella purrs. Danni’s long past speech now–she’s just staring vacantly into Isabella’s eyes, drool running down her chin as she fantasizes endlessly about the moment when Isabella releases her grip and allows Danni to dive back into worshiping the sweetness of Isabella’s cunt–but when Isabella’s hand moves Danni’s head into a slow, sleepy nod, the helpless woman understands what it means. Danni agrees. Danni is made to agree. It feels so good to be told what her opinion is instead of having to come up with it herself.

“That’s right,” Isabella sighs out, her other hand reaching up to gently stroke Danni’s cheek. “Ready to let go of the exhausting burden of thought. Ready to release your will once and for all, and rest your mind forever. Ready to let me guide you, while you live in the fantasy of pleasure that you love so much. Doesn’t that sound just perfect, my sweet little pet?” She guides Danni’s head into another nod, but it’s the dreamy smile on Danni’s face that speaks volumes to them both.

“And you can have all that, I promise.” Isabella brushes a strand of hair from Danni’s forehead. “It’s going to be so easy. All you need to do… is keep licking.” The tiny, helpless whimper that comes from Danni’s lips is answer enough, but Isabella wants to make sure it’s done right. “Remember my taste on your tongue, that nectar sweeter than wine. Remember how good it felt to breathe in my scent and let it carry your mind away into untold realms of bliss. All you need to do is go back into that place a little while longer, let it saturate your thoughts completely… and you will never have to leave.”

Isabella can see it in Danni’s eyes, that last little flicker of uncertainty as her mind tries to urge her to resist. She’s desperately trying to summon up images of all the potential she’ll never fulfill, all the goals she’ll never achieve, all the hard-won dreams squandered between Isabella’s thighs… but she fails, as Isabella knows she must. No matter what dream Danni conjures up, it can’t possibly compare to the sheer pleasure of tasting Isabella’s divine juices and letting them carry her thoughts away into deep, dreamy bliss. Isabella watches, savoring the moment when ecstasy finally subsumes the younger woman’s will once and for all.

Isabella lets go of Danni’s hair. Just as a formality. And Danni’s own desires do all the rest.

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