When they led Melina to the brainwashing chamber, she entered with the regal bearing of an Amazon princess despite her chains. Even though the Curse of Herakles bound away her superhuman strength whenever she was chained by the hands of a man, she still had the discipline and willpower instilled by decades of training under the finest warriors the world had ever known. She could ignore days of exhaustion, months of deprivation, hours upon hours of pain. Her superhuman focus could push past desert heat and arctic cold. She had been conditioned to resist anything her enemies could throw at her.

Anything but pleasure. When the doors closed and the warm pink light saturated Melina’s exposed skin, she found herself sinking to the floor with a soft sigh of unadulterated bliss. It felt so good all over, like sunshine massaging all the tension out of her muscles and leaving her relaxed and drowsy like a newborn kitten. Her eyes slipped shut before she even realized she was closing them, leaving her down on her knees with her upturned head basking in the glow of the mind-control beacon.

When the voice began to speak in her ears, Melina felt the beam of light intensify as the operator waited for her to respond. She could have resisted pain so easily, but the throbbing pleasure that pulsed through her every nerve made her brain soften like warm butter until she repeated helplessly, “I want to submit to control.” And then the waves of warm, seductive ecstasy battered even harder at her mind, rewarding her for her compliance and attacking her will at the same time. Melina simply didn’t know how to fight the dreamy bliss suffusing her body. Nobody had ever taught her how.

She couldn’t touch herself–the same power that softened her thoughts into blissful obedience also made her limbs sag in dreamy lassitude–but she didn’t need to. The pink light caressed Melina into a warm, soft dream of pure orgasmic joy that transcended mere physical pleasure. Her whole body was as sensitive as her clitoris now, and the voice of the operator stroked it with every intoned mantra and every unthinking response. “I want to be a mindless slut.” “I want to obey the will of my controller.” “I want to be owned.”

It only took minutes for Melina’s own thoughts to trail off into numb, helpless silence as her operator dialed up the brainwashing beacon to its maximum setting. It took Melina to a peak of pleasure she’d never even imagined, let alone experienced, and the operator skillfully tied together her arousal and his programming until the two concepts were inextricably fused together in her blank, hazy mind. She gasped out, “I am your compliant slave,” not even really comprehending the words despite accepting them as an irrefutable truth in the very depth of her soul, and when the light finally switched off, all Melina could think about was what she could do to earn another programming session.

They were happy to instruct her. When they took the chains off, Melina felt the Amazonian strength surge back into her limbs… but her mind was bound in a far more insidious web. One that prevented her from even wanting to escape.

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