Charmed scene plans


Actual Plans:

  • You know, of course, that my experience of GLADOS during
    last year’s NEEHU left me concerned.  *Concern face*  So I’m planning a performative scene at some
    point where I will demonstrate the dangers of video game addiction.  My sub @midorikonton has played a lot of Super
    Smash Brothers recently…
  • @hypnoobiwan and I have been talking about a demon summoning
    scene for awhile now.  I’m his chief
  • @curiouskatie and I both love Janet from the Good
    Place.  And she’s had a year’s worth of
    character development since last Charmed.
  • Also, @midorikonton is planning an informative unconference
    class on taking a Postmodern and Neomarxist view of the Bimbo as a pop cultural
    signifier, or something like that.  I’m
    sure I have that wrong.  Her media
    analysis stuff goes way above my head.
    But, anyway, I’ll be in the front row, and she keeps calling it an “exhibitionistic
    scene” for some reason.  

Loose Ideas and Scene Asks:

  • I was really sick a month ago and watched a LOT of
    Netflix.  Anyway, in the 1980’s She-Ra
    Hordak builds a machine that runs on willpower.
    I’d kind of like to scene that but I don’t really have any solid plan
    for doing so.  But I’ll have a chief cultist
    outfit, so I’m pretty much ready to be a 1980’s cartoon super villain
  • Some kinda puppetmaster thing with another DS couple and
    mind controlled subs doing IDK, something.
    I have “Twister,” I may bring it.
  • Since last NEEHU, I’ve been kicking around bottoming to an
    interrogation scene with a quirky interrogator.
    My initial thought was Bimbo Interrogator but I’m open to ideas.
  • I’m still interested in being a lion tamer who loses control and gets mauled. 

Random Pro Bono Hypnokink:

  • Happy Fun Buttons are free and available on
  • I haven’t actually done this to anyone yet, but
    I feel like it would be fun to make saying good things feel good.  If you want to feel sexy good, happy to do
    that.  If you want to feel, like, “full
    cellphone battery,” platonic pleasure that also works.  But just a happy little nudge whenever you
    realize you’ve just said something kind to someone else, expiring whenever we
    negotiate.   This would take like ten
    minutes, three if you’re fractionated, so if you see me and I don’t look busy,
    feel free to ask.  
  • I’m also intrigued by a version where your mouth
    tastes like frog when you say something mean. I’m not expecting a lot of volunteers for that.  But, like, if you’re French, you could get
    way into that.  (Joke stolen from 3BobCats)
  • I’ve been doing a lot of scent and taste play.  Would potentially be into drugging  water bottles to have a slow build emotional effect.  I considered setting up a vendors room table for this but I feel like I’ll be too busy.  If you buy @midorikonton‘s book, I will totally incentivize the purchase for you if you like, though.
  • 3BobCats and I have a plan for a cuddle fort
    room.  OK, I have two plans and I am
    mostly just bugging her about implementation of plan A.  But even my “plan B” is awesome.

Dungeon stuff:  (If we’re
friends or meet and get along)

  •  I’m
    usually up for topping impact, knives or rope, though my rope is more hypno
    than rope skill.  If we know each other and there’s a specific impact thing you’re yearning for, ask me in advance to make sure it makes it in my toybag.  I’m not bringing the sjambok unless I have plans to hit somebody with it. 
  • I love a good wrestling scene  

I don’t have any specific plans other than the classes I’m involved in and the things @askjeeveshypno is planning to do to me. But it’s shaping up to be a fun weekend!

I do need to do the research for that unconference class. It’s going to be an interesting challenge to do it without getting… distracted… 😉