If you could render any three celebrity women your brainwashed slaves, who would you pick, how would you enslave them, and what roles would you give them in your harem/household?



First, Kate Upton would begin receiving odd phone calls with numbers spoofed to match ones she recognized.  She wouldn’t quite remember what happened on those calls, but eventually she’d just forget her phone where I could pick it up for a moment, use the password she revealed to me in a light trance, and install apps that would begin her brainwashing in earnest until she finally delivered herself to me.

This would create an opening for her to persuade her former costar Alexandra Daddario that I was a rising filmmaker she needed to meet.  Together, the three of us would watch one of my films, and Alexandra would find it so captivating, she wouldn’t even notice how it slowly transitioned to a simple spinning spiral while I began whispering new ideas in one ear, while Kate explained how good it felt to be just like her in the other.

Finally, favors would be called in until I had a meeting with Margot Robbie to pitch her my hot new project, a musical I’d need her to listen to selection from… listen very closely and relax into the lyrics…

I’d have to admit the idea of making celebrities disappear off the face of the Earth to be part of my harem doesn’t really appeal to me.  I’d much rather they go on with their day-to-day lives, unaware of that app on their phones that allows me to summon them whenever I desire, that gives me a live video feed every time their faces go blank and they speak the words “Yes, Master.  I hear and obey.”

Works for me! Great response, @doctordrx!