You’re sitting at your desk at home on a Sunday afternoon, typing away at some casual side-project as the last wafts of steam evaporate off your coffee, signaling its transformation from hot and drinkable to a sad, bitter energy brew. You take a regretful sip and force the gulp down, then resume your clicking and clacking.

From the other room, you hear the sound of footsteps approaching – sounds like your partner has gotten the clothes in the wash. You’re still buried in your writing when they sneak up behind you and start rubbing that sensitive spot where your head meets your neck, straightening your posture and lulling your mind with a soothing “Shhhhhhhhhhh~”. As a gasp escapes your lips, they lean in close to your ear and whisper, “Looks like I’ve got one thing left to wash, darling~”

As you hover over the precipice, you manage to get out a breathless “Thank you” before they slip the headphones over your ears, already gently pulsing out a familiar binaural beat, scrubbing away your thoughts bit by bit as your conditioning takes hold once more. Your partner bends down and plants a kiss on the top of your head, dropping you deeper into those comforting depths. “Drift deep, my pet, and enjoy your spin cycle.”