Captain Alpha never expected her invulnerability to be her downfall. Tank shells bounced off of her eyes. Magma rolled harmlessly off her skin like tanning lotion. The unforgiving vacuum of space felt a bit brisk. To be Captain Alpha meant never having to fear injury.

What can the Nervewracker possibly do to me? Captain Alpha thought when she arrived on-scene of the villain’s latest rampage. She soon found out.

Nervewracker’s talent was the manipulation of nerves. With a single touch, he could paralyze a strong arm, or plunge a chest into pain unimaginable. He didn’t actually hurt anyone, he just made them feel as if he had.

Against Captian Alpha, Nervewracker used paralysis and pleasure. All of the superheroine’s phenomenal strength was useless when she could not move a muscle. And all her endurance against pain and injury did not prepare Captain Alpha to resist the tsunami of bliss that Nervewracker coaxed from every fiber of her being.

Captain Alpha was as vulnerable to her own lust as anyone else.

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