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Washing My Filthy Brain


Drawing of a smiling, busty girl with pink hair, blue eyes, and a choker. She has pointy ears and is half-kneeling, half-crouching. She is wearing a very low-cut long-sleeved brown top and tight white leggings.
Femme Link by Brellom

(Originally posted as a microfic exclusive to my Sponsus on Febrary 29, 2020. Check out the link for dozens of early-access microfics and stories!)

She came here intending to, I kid you not, slay me. Me! I guess I made a plaything of someone she cared about, a sister or a lover or a friend, something like that, I wasn’t really paying attention.

She was, though. Sword drawn, murderous intent on her face, deadly serious as she watched my every move. So focused already. It was almost absurdly simple to guide that focus, use it to pull her down into trance.

And now, well, look at her, that vapid, giggly little smile as she sprawls on the floor, ready and eager to be used. There’s not much else left in there now, but I’m sure someone with her focus will be very entertaining indeed, now that I’ve given her a more appealing intent.