A curvy Asian woman sitting on a window sill. She is naked except for black panties and stockings.

(Originally posted as a microfic exclusive to my Sponsus on March 7, 2020. Check out the link for dozens of early-access microfics and stories!)

She had been someone, once. She must have been, to afford an apartment with a view like this. A corporate lawyer perhaps, or a doctor in one of the pricier professions. Maybe a stockbroker or that rarity, an actually successful entrepreneur.

And then… she caught the eye of someone with money to burn, or angered someone powerful, or even just trusted the wrong person. It didn’t matter now, because bit by bit, it had gotten harder to focus. Her high-powered job was less and less interesting, and her thoughts more and more focused on sex and being sexy.

Gradually her friends had dropped away or become fuckbuddies. She’d stopped going to work or collecting a paycheck, but that was okay–a few fucks a week and her landlord was happy to fudge the books for her, and she was kept in food and clothes by dinners and gifts from other people who wanted to fuck her and thought they needed to do more than ask. (That thought made her giggle. Smart people were so dumb, they always made everything harder than it needed to be.)

Sooner or later her transformation would be done, and then the person who paid for this to be done to her would have the option to claim her for themselves. If not, she’d be auctioned off as a toy to the highest bidder.

It was going to be so much fun!