A beautiful Asian woman with her arms loosely crossed at her waist. She is wearing a white mesh sleeveless top and blue denim skirt. Her expression is half-blank, and she is looking slightly down and to her left.
Son Youn Ju

(Originally posted as a microfic exclusive to my Sponsus on March 14, 2021. Check out the link for dozens of early-access microfics and stories!)

Her body language remains closed, but looser than before. The arms defiantly crossed at chest height are lower now, drooping to her waist as her muscles begin to slacken. Her eyes, once defiantly fixed on mine, now track the swinging pendulum–cheesy, I know, but she’s a visual thinker so eye fixation seemed like the way to go. Anyway, it’s tiring her eyes out while I tell her how tired and heavy they’re becoming, and that’s getting her used to accepting what I tell her.

Soon they’ll be closed, and her arms will be open. More importantly, so will her mind…