A busty blonde woman sitting on a desk. Her hair is in a severe bun and she is wearing glasses. Her pink suit jacket shows a lot of cleavage, and her black skirt is so short you can see skin between it and the tops of her sheer thigh-high black stockings.

(Originally posted as a microfic exclusive to my Sponsus on March 21, 2020. Check out the link for dozens of early-access microfics and stories!)

I supposed it’s a bit regressive of me, but what’s the point of power if it doesn’t come with perks? So I wanted my assistant to be a sexy secretary type I could have some fun with. Unfortunately, selecting purely on that basis resulted in someone who was maybe not entirely competent in some others.

That was when Bimboco contacted me. I know, I know, from the name, it sounds like the last thing I needed. But it turns out their patent process was more customizable than you’d think from the name.

So I sent her off to their training program, and she got some custom lessons. They taught her how very important it was to do what her boss wants, to focus on my needs before everything else, to do and be whatever I want. That focus and drive was all she needed to be an excellent assistant… in every way I desired.