Katy Perry

Katy Perry. Quite possibly the most popular target for mind control in the world right now.

Is it that magnificent body, and the way she constantly flaunts it?

Is it that wonderfully blank stare, the joy of watching her thoughts fade away and leave nothing behind?

Is it her wealth, her fame, the thrill of claiming someone the whole world is watching?

Or is it just how easy it is, how controller after controller have hypnotized, enchanted, brainwashed, or programmed her with so many triggers, backdoors, command phrases, and mantras that there’s hardly anything else left in her mind?

Yes, yes, yes, and yes. All of the above.



Karen Gillan is such a big star she needs TWO stuntwomen.



“It’s done, Master,” the three redheaded beauties said in perfect unison. “I’ve hypnotized both my stunt doubles to believe they are your loyal, loving, obedient hypnoslave Karen Gillan. I have also programmed them with your mantra.”

As one–because they WERE one now, a single enslaved mind in three bodies–the women knelt. “Paul is Master,” they chanted. “Paul is all! Paul is Master, Paul is all!”

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Cameron Rorrison

She looked up as she heard the rattle of a key in the lock. She’d been trapped here for hours, at first struggling to resist the growing impulse–fueled, no doubt, by the white noise being pumped into the room–to put on the headphones. Later, after she’d finally succumbed to the urge to wear them, it had been the programming she struggled against, the growing desire to fuck, to serve, to obey the man she could no longer think of as anything except Master.

She never could have held out as long as she did if not for her devotion to Master, the man who’d given her her ring. That wonderful, magical ring that made her love and obey him with all her heart. She had belonged to him and him alone from the moment she put it on… But did she still?

The knob turned and her heart leapt. Was it Master, come to check on whether his new slave was fully brainwashed? Or Master, come to rescue her from Master’s wicked clutches? And… Which did she want it to be?

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“Hi, sis. I know you’re probably wondering where I’ve been, why I’m dressed like this… well it’s really simple. The same answer for both: I’m Master’s good little kitty. I’ve been with him, I’m dressed like this because it’s how good kitties dress… and I’m wearing the headphones because they whisper in my ears and keep me a good little kitty.

“I know you can hear it too. The speakers whisper, but that’s not enough. It’s only enough to make you want to be a good kitty, not to really be one. But it’s okay… Master gave me a pair for you. They’re right over there. All you have to do is put them on… and you’ll be a good kitty too, just like me.”

So hard.

So hard to think.

So hard to keep her eyes open.

So hard to do anything but look into his eyes, listen to his voice.

So easy to just relax.

So easy to just listen.

So easy to just…



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(Continued from this post)

Supergirl panted and writhed under my caresses, obediently following every order I gave her–as long as it was about sex. I needed to push her boundaries, so she would obey any command, and I had an idea how to do that, based on a place the other Supergirls I’d enslaved in other universes told me about.

“Kara,” I said, “take me to the Fortress of Solitude.”

“What?” she said. “I can’t do that! It’s secret!”

“Kara,” I said again, “take me to the Fortress of Solitude so I can pin you to the walls and fuck your brains out.”

“Ohhh…” she moaned. “I… okay…”

Then she picked me up and flew us halfway around the world in a few minutes. Superpowered fuckpets are the best way to travel, let me tell you.

When we arrived, as promised, I pushed her into a wall, lifted her skirt, and positioned my cock at her dripping slit. “Red sun,” I whispered in her ear, and her eyes immediately rolled back as she fell into a trance.

“Why did you refuse to bring me here, Kara?” I asked her.

“…it’s supposed to be secret… wrong to bring you…” she answered muzzily.

“But you did bring me. Why?”

“…couldn’t resist… have to obey your sexual commands…”

“And how did you feel when you obeyed?”

“So good… excited… sexy…”

Perfection. “You only got to feel that good because you couldn’t resist, right?”


“And since I forced you, that means you didn’t do anything wrong by bringing me here, did you?”

“…guess not…”

“So if I order you to do something wrong, and you can’t resist obeying, it’s not wrong, is it?”


So close I could taste it. She was about to be mine. “You want to obey me, don’t you?”


“But you don’t want to do anything wrong, do you?”

“No.” She agreed to that one emphatically and easily. Heroes, amiright?

“So you want to obey me as much as you can without doing anything wrong.”


“And if you can’t resist, then you can obey all the time without it ever being wrong. Isn’t that true?”

“…I guess…” Not enthusiastic, but I’d take it.

“So if you want to obey as much as possible, you want to be unable to resist.”

“I… yes…”

“You want to be unable to resist.”


“You want it so much, don’t you? The idea of not being able to resist is so sexy, turns you on so much…”

“Yessss…” she moaned.

“So if I ordered you to obey me forever, never able to resist again, that would be incredibly sexual, wouldn’t it?”

“Mmmmm… yessss… pleeeaase…”

“You can’t resist a sexual command, Kara. And I command you to obey me forever. You will be unable to resist me ever again.”

“Oh god… yesss, yesssssss…” She moaned and writhed against the wall, practically cumming on the spot.

I slid my cock into her at the same time I commanded her to wake. “Fuck me, slave,” I told her.

“Masteerrrr!” she screamed, and this time she really did cum. Another Super-fucktoy down.

(Continued from this post)

Supergirl posed for me with a flirtatious smile. “Well?” she asked. “We’re here, you’ve seen the place… how about a little fun?”

“Sounds good to me.” I stepped closer and ran my left hand up her thigh, under her skirt, while my right traced over her tight, bare tummy.

“Mmmm…” she responded, pulling me closer for a kiss. This time she was as responsive as I could want, and I could feel her desire for me throbbing in her mind. It would be so easy to just amplify it until she was begging for me to take her, completely willing to offer a lifetime of servitude in exchange for being fucked… but no. I was going to play out this game of trances and triggers to the finish.

“Get on your knees,” I said when she finally broke the kiss.

“What?” She stared at me in shock.

“Get on your knees and suck my cock like a good girl.”

“What the hell!?” She pushed me away. “Who do you think you are, saying stuff like–”

“Red sun,” I interrupted. Her eyes fluttered and her voice trailed off in response to her trigger. “Red sun,” I repeated, and watched as she went the rest of the way into trance.

I spent some time deepening her trance, and then began working on her resistance to obeying. “You feel submissive toward me, don’t you, Kara?”

“Yes.” Like her attraction, she’d accepted the feeling, but was resisting the action.

“So if you’re submissive toward me, that must mean you want to obey my commands, doesn’t it?”

“…yes…” she admitted. “Want to…”

“So you’ll obey me, won’t you?”

“…no… it’s wrong…”

Fuck. How to get her to agree to obey? Maybe try a different route. “It would feel good to obey, wouldn’t it?”


“It would excite you sexually to submit to me.”


“So you especially want to obey when we’re doing sexual things.”

“I guess…”

“And the more you submit sexually, the better it will feel, won’t it?”


“You want so much to submit sexually, don’t you?”

“Yes…” She was getting flushed–it really seemed to be having an effect!

“You want to obey my sexual commands so badly, don’t you?”


“In fact, you’ll obey any sexual command I give, won’t you?”

“Yesss…” she moaned.

A couple minutes later, she was awake, on her knees, and sucking my cock like a pro, just like I’d commanded–and based on the sounds she was making, she was enjoying it almost as much as I was. Almost there…

(To be continued…)

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(Continued from this post)

“Kara, look outside. What time of year is it?”

“…Summer…” she said, still deep in trance.

“And when is Christmas?”


“So it can’t be Christmas. There must be some other reason you kissed me, right..?”


I grinned. “And you are attracted to me, aren’t you?” That I’d been able to program into here, along with feelings of submissiveness. It was getting her to act on those feelings that was proving more challenging with this method than my usual mind-whammy.

“Yes…” she agreed.

“So you kissed me because you’re attracted to me, didn’t you?”

“I… guess so..?”

“You kissed me because you’re attracted to me,” I repeated, since she seemed less than certain. She appeared to accept it, though, and I continued on. “You brought a man you’re attracted to back to your apartment, then kissed him. Why would you do that, Kara?”

She hesitated for long enough that I began to worry. “Maybe because… want to… sleep with him? But–”

Nuh-uh, no buts. “That’s right, you did that because you want to sleep with me. You brought me back here to seduce me, didn’t you?”


“There’s no other reason to bring a man back to your apartment and kiss him, is there? You can’t think of any, can you?”


“You brought me here to seduce me. Say it.”

“I… brought you here to… seduce you.”

“So what will you do when I wake you from this trance?”

“Seduce you…”

“Good girl.” I snapped my fingers and woke her up.

(To be continued…)


Cosplay girl

(Continued from this post)

I searched Kara’s apartment for something that could help me take her down further while she sat slumped on her couch, blissfully tranced out. There had to be some trick, some clue here to how I could get her to go deeper, get her to agree to sex acts and eventually total slavery, but right now she was rejecting every suggestion on those lines.

I grinned as I found a box at the top of the closet that might work, labeled “Xmas Decs.” I only needed a couple–I pulled out the Santa hat and the mistletoe, stuck the former on the sleeping Supergirl’s head and hung the latter off a light fixture.

“Kara,” I said. “Open your eyes and stand up.” After she did, I continued, “Kara, you are wearing a Santa hat. Why?”

“You put it on me.”

Hrm. “Why do people wear Christmas hats?”

“Because it’s Christmas?”

“So if you wear a Christmas hat, that must mean it’s Christmas, right?”

“I guess so…”

“And we’re standing under the mistletoe on Christmas, Kara. What does that mean?”

“Hafta… kiss…”

“Good girl,” I said, and kissed her. She wasn’t very responsive, but she didn’t try to stop me. Good… Time for the next step…

(To be continued…)


Cosplay girl

(Continued from this post)

By the time I reached her, Supergirl was already pulling herself to her knees. She was weak as a kitten, unable to stand–or at least, that was what she believed as she looked up at me with fear and a little awe. It was tempting to amplify that feeling, build on it to take her, but I was enjoying playing around with triggers and trances too much to rely on my powers.

“What did you… What have you done to me?” she managed.

“It’s what I’m going to do to you, Kara,” I said, enjoying her shock at my use of her real name. “Red sun.”

Her face slackened and her eyes unfocused at my use of her trance trigger, but I could see she was trying to fight it. “Red sun,” I repeated. “See the spiral again, Kara. Remember how good it felt to slip into that trance, relaxed and safe, sinking deeper…” Her eyes shut and her head slumped forward.

“Good girl,” I said. “Now, stay in that trance, but stand and open your eyes.” After she obeyed, I continued, “Take me to where you live.”

She hesitated.

“Kara, who knows the secret of Supergirl’s real name?”

“My family…” she said. “Friends… people I trust.”

Perfect. “Only people you trust know that Supergirl is Kara, right?”


“And I know the secret. So I must be someone you trust.”


“So you can trust me and let me into your home.”


“So take me to your apartment.” This time, she obeyed. And once we were in private, the real fun could begin…

(To be continued…)