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“Man, this is the worst,”
said Beast Boy as he wandered through the dark, surreal realm he’d become lost
in. “I’ve been here for HOURS, the only person I’ve seen is Raven, and she
ditched me!” Not that she didn’t
show me some amazing things first…
He turned as he heard a giggle, and
then his jaw dropped. “Raven!? What are you wearing?”

Raven’s Happiness waved and smiled.
“Hihi BB!” She giggled again.

Raven–the _real_ Raven, not any of
her assorted emoticlones–allowed herself a small smile as she walked down the
hall of Titans Tower. She was in an unusually good mood–but then, she’d just
had a very pleasant time releasing some _tension_. Afterwards, she felt too
good to stay cooped up in a dark little room, so out she went in search of her

“Hello friend Raven!” chirped
Starfire as she came around the corner. Raven normally found her chipper
attitude grating, but in her current mood, it seemed almost sweet that someone
was that happy to see her.

Starfire hefted a couple of bags
with department store logos printed on them. “I return triumphant from the
mall of shopping! …I do not suppose you would be willing to partake of the
makeups and the trying on of outfits with me?”

Raven hesitated. “We’re not
exactly the same size…” Starfire visibly drooped, and Raven hastily
continued, “…but I think I know a spell for that.”

“Pink!” exclaimed Beast
Boy. “Since when do you wear pink?”

“I like pink,” said
Raven’s Happiness, stifling another giggle.

“Really!? I mean, liking me is
one thing, but pink!?”

“I do!” she insisted,
stepping closer to him. “I like pink, and I like you.”


Raven couldn’t explain it. She’d
been feeling so happy, just hanging out and being girly with Starfire. Then,
after they took off their third outfits and started picking out the fourth, she
felt a sudden wave of horniness like before. But this wasn’t quite the same; it
mingled with the happiness, merged and flowed through it, to become a bubbly
pleasure that demanded to be shared.

Impulsively, she’d kissed Starfire,
and then just as quickly pulled back, embarrassed.

“Do you wish to teach me
Azerathian language?” asked Starfire.

Raven blushed. “Not

“Oh, you wished to initiate the
flimnar!” said Starfire happily.
“I had always hoped one of you would, but humans are so strange. Even
though we have been friends for a dozen grilps
you never did. I must admit I thought Robin would be the first, but…”
She shrugged and leaned in to kiss Raven back.

That need to give pleasure surged
again inside Raven, and she wrapped her arms around Starfire and pushed her
back on the bed.

“Oooh, and I definitely liked
that!” said Raven’s Happiness. Beast Boy, blissfully unaware that she
wasn’t quite the same Raven as the one whose face he’d cum over a little while
prior, had kissed her when she came close and said she liked him. Now Raven was
all smiles and giggles, clearly ready for another go.


Starfire threw her head back and
cried out in ecstasy while Raven ate her out. For her own part, Raven couldn’t
believe how good it felt to be giving her friend so much pleasure. Starfire
thrashed and moaned, her face and full breasts flushed, her orange skin glowing
with a thin sheen of sweat.

After her third orgasm, Starfire sat
up and took Raven’s face in her hands. “Your turn,” she said with a
smile, then ran her hands down to Raven’s full breasts. Raven shivered in
pleasure, lost in happy lust. Then the Tamaranean princess’ slender, nimble
fingers found Raven’s wet slit, and it was Raven’s turn to flop back on the bed
and surrender to ecstasy.

Raven’s Happiness cried out in her own orgasm as
Beast Boy came inside her. Her eyes squeezed shut as the pleasure exploded
through her–and when she opened them again, it was as Raven’s Passion.

One down, she thought. Three to go.

(To  be continued…)


Hailee Lautenbach

“Please. I’ve tried every ring I have but it doesn’t work. I can’t stop thinking about how it felt to wear yours. No doubts, no hesitation, just pleasure and obedience… I know it’s wrong, I know I should stay as far away from you as possible, but–God. I need it. Please, I’ll do anything, just give me the ring and make me your slave again…”

One of our researchers overstepped her bounds recently. She exposed her favorite starlet to the compound and reprogrammed her as a plaything, creating much more of a mess than we were planning to deal with at this early stage.

The researcher has now been appropriately–even poetically–dealt with. She will be made available to the rest of the research team as stress relief. Both a reward for their compliance with protocol… and a warning of what could happen if they cross the Organization.


Giu Hellsing Cosplay (Brazil) as Evil Supergirl.

Photos by: 

Lua Morales

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Evil Supergirl’s expression shifted slowly from challenge to a sly smile. “Maybe I could give you a reason to stick around?” she purred.

“Maybe you could,” I agreed, amping her desire and arousal higher and higher. “Why don’t you get on your knees for me?”

“Heh,” she said. “I’m the strongest, toughest, fastest girl on the planet. Why don’t you kneel for me?”

“You are all those things,” I replied. “So you’ve never tried being submissive. Never found out how pleasurable it can be.” I fed her curiosity, tied it to her arousal, twisting her emotions to serve my purpose.

Her smile widened as she sank slowly down. “You know what? It’s your lucky day. Just this once, I’ll give it a shot.”

Of course I’d make sure she enjoyed it far too much to ever refuse it again… I should have started with the Evil Supergirl, she was way easier than the good ones!

“So,” said Kara number… god, I’ve lost count at this point. 27? 28?

Anyway. “So,” said the latest Kara, “mind control powers, huh? The Injustice League could certainly use someone like that, really cement our control of this world. The Martian Mindtaker and Dominatrix’ magic lasso can only do so much.”

I laughed. “I’m not here to join your little team. I’m just stopping for a visit, figured it might be fun to see what fucking an evil Supergirl is like.”

It was Kara’s turn to laugh. “What makes you think that’s happening, little man? I could snap you in half before you could blink.”

“True,” I agreed. “But thing is, you’re not a hero, are you? You haven’t spent your entire career holding back, practicing self-control, trying not to hurt anyone. You’ve got no practice in denying what you want… and over the course of this conversation you’ve been realizing how much you want me.”

“Well…” she admitted. “Okay. One quick fuck. But then you join us or die, those are the options.”

“Sure, sure,” I agreed, rapidly setting up option three…

(To be continued)


Katy Perry

Katy Perry. Quite possibly the most popular target for mind control in the world right now.

Is it that magnificent body, and the way she constantly flaunts it?

Is it that wonderfully blank stare, the joy of watching her thoughts fade away and leave nothing behind?

Is it her wealth, her fame, the thrill of claiming someone the whole world is watching?

Or is it just how easy it is, how controller after controller have hypnotized, enchanted, brainwashed, or programmed her with so many triggers, backdoors, command phrases, and mantras that there’s hardly anything else left in her mind?

Yes, yes, yes, and yes. All of the above.



Karen Gillan is such a big star she needs TWO stuntwomen.



“It’s done, Master,” the three redheaded beauties said in perfect unison. “I’ve hypnotized both my stunt doubles to believe they are your loyal, loving, obedient hypnoslave Karen Gillan. I have also programmed them with your mantra.”

As one–because they WERE one now, a single enslaved mind in three bodies–the women knelt. “Paul is Master,” they chanted. “Paul is all! Paul is Master, Paul is all!”

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Anne Hathaway.

This test subject was something of an overreach: we are far from ready to employ the compound against such high-profile targets as this. However, we had been looking for ways to test whether the increased susceptibility to trance states in subjects exposed to the compound extends to other vectors of persuasion, such as high-speed subliminals.

Utilizing contacts in the.magazine publishing industry, the researcher was able to pose as a photographer, conducting a photoshoot in which the subject was given a compound-dyed dress and subjected to a camera flash that utilized embedded subliminals.

The results speak for themselves. Subject has, apparently permanently, been instructed to immediately, passionately fall in love with any person who says the encoded trigger phrase. Fortunately, it is a phrase with a very low probability of being uttered accidentally, but nonetheless the researcher took an egregious risk at a far too early stage in the project. She has been accordingly disciplined.

As for the subject, well, waste not, want not. The bidding starts at $250,000 for one night…


It’s meeee 😀

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Thoroughly besotted with her younger counterpart, Power Girl knew she should focus on fighting me, but just found it so hard to concentrate while the younger Kara deployed the expert knowledge only someone who’d lived in her body could possess.

While that happened, I worked on whittling down her disgust and resistance toward me. I was the one who brought the two Karas together, after all, wasn’t I? She should appreciate what I did. Love what I did. Love what I do.

Before long, I had her where I wanted her, where she belonged–in my bed, happy and eager to please.

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Counterparts by RinaG

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(Continued from this post)

Between one blink and the next, Power Girl crossed most of the distance between us. She could have crossed more, could have knocked me out or killed me before I could react–but fortunately, I wasn’t alone. I’d brought one of my pet Supergirls.

The two Kryptonians collided with enough force to shatter every window in the place and knock me off my feet–but my girl was holding Power Girl back. She was slowly losing, but it was enough to buy me the time I needed.

Except when I looked into Power Girl’s mind, I found nothing but disgust for me, visceral hatred an led loathing so strong that it meant I really couldn’t get rid of it and implant devotion before she took out Supergirl and finished me off.

In desperation, I dug through her other feelings and assembled something I hoped would work: she had the narcissism you’d expect of someone who puts on a flashy costume and goes out to save the world, a healthy amount of confidence in her appearance, and the same latent bisexual streak you find in most “straight” people. Tie them together, amplify it a bit, throw in some pleasure… And then tweak my Kara to make sure she’s on the same wavelength…

And pow. All that Kara-on-Kara action gets rechanneled into… Well, Kara-on-Kara action. It makes for quite an entertaining show, doesn’t it?

(To be continued)