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This day in MC history: October 30,

Once America’s sweetheart, playing
little Gertie in family hit E.T., Drew Barrymore became a notorious wild
child, getting heavily into drugs and alcohol by her early teens, and playing
the sexually charged, seductive title character of Poison Ivy at just
17, then posing for a nude Playboy pictorial at 19.

The breaking point was when she
flashed David Letterman live on camera. People who cared about her–her mother,
her agent, a certain major Hollywood director who’d given her her first big
break–knew she was endangering her career and her life. With nowhere else to
go, they contacted an individual known only as The Fixer, unheard of by the
general public, but well-known among the wealthy for his ability to help their
daughters stop embarrassing behavior from excessive partying to inappropriate
romances, even rescuing and deprogramming cult members!

Drew was his greatest challenge yet,
willful, rebellious, and clever. But slowly, over a period of months, he wore
her down, first using the very drugs he was supposed to wean her from to reward
her behavior, then hypnotizing her while she was too high to resist. Gradually
he shifted her addiction from the drugs to obedience, then used her growing
need to obey him to condition her further, focusing her wild sexuality on his
own pleasure.

On this day in 1995, she finally
broke, calling him Master for the first time. Once her bad girl persona was
completely submissive to him, it was easy to build a good girl persona which
she would use from then on to interact with the rest of the world. He released
her back to her family and friends, and retired, never again taking another

Or so it was believed at the time.
Today we know that he didn’t stop at all, merely changed tactics. The bad girl
remained within Drew, called out by the Fixer whenever he triggered her. And
trigger her he did, sometimes to serve him sexually, and other times to help
him ensnare one of Drew’s many celebrity friends, coworkers, and eventually proteges.
Thus began the Fixer’s second career, as one of the most successful celebrity
serial recruiters in history…

Model: Drew Barrymore

Source: Playboy, January 1995

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This day in MC history:

October 21, 1966. The world is changing.
Free love is on the rise, while a third nuclear power is about reveal
itself to the world. The U.S. and Russia are in the midst of racing to
the moon, while the Vietnam War rages on.

And one clever researcher, Dr. Edward Q. White, invents the White Room. Primitive by today’s standards, his device was entirely analog, projecting two colors of light through hidden slits to create the swirling, crisscrossing spirals, while a record player just outside the room played subliminal-laden white noise.

According to Dr. White, the subject–a university student known only as Subject 19–soon “ recovered from her stubborn fixation on silly boys and women’s lib-derived notions of feminine independence and superiority, increasingly embracing over a series of three-hour sessions more appropriate attitudes and desires.”

His records then quote Subject 19’s observations on her experience: “It was groovy! the lights made me dizzy at the beginning, but then I relaxed and all the silly ideas in my head crumbled away. Doc White made me feel so good! And now that all those bad thoughts are gone, there’s nothing in the way of the really good ideas I have about how to thank him…”

Model: Mickey Jines

Photographer: Unknown (possibly a still or publicity photo from the movie Orgy of the Dead?)