If every woman that you come into contact with hates you? It is YOUR fault. If women do not like you, it is YOUR fault. I cannot emphasize that enough. If women do not like you, if women are repelled by your presence… It. Is. YOUR. Fault.

Marcus Parks,

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Big message to “Nice Guys ©” everywhere.

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Beware of absolute statements.

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Actually, by all accounts Joseph Merrick (the historical “Elephant Man”) got on well with women, at least once he stopped being exhibited as a freak and settled down in a London hospital. While there is no record of him having any romantic relationships, he had a number of friendly relationships with women and was generally quite liked by the (all-female) nursing staff.

We can trance if you want to,
We can leave your thoughts behind
Cause your mind’s in trance
And when it’s in trance, your thoughts are mine

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I Literally love everything about this

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We can trance, we can trance,
You just got no control.
We can trance we can trance
You only do what i want at all…

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It is really bothering me that the last line is a syllable short.

On Intelligent, Well-Read Submissives.

I love intelligent girls. Absolutely adore them. And I find those who are passionate about reading and writing share a common thread. They all yearn for an equally intelligent Dominant who can reach deep into their erotic “centers”, rip the pages from their fantasies, and give them a lifetime of living, breathing memories.

An intelligent submissive appreciates the beauty of the dance on the fringe. She is a strong, independent, talented, capable woman in her own right, yet she hungers for a Dominant who can fuck her mind long before he touches her body. She needs a man who can respect her as an intellectual equal but effortlessly assume his role as Dominant – the only man she would ever consider yielding to. For her, this need is utterly palpable. She can feel his hands through his words, his voice, and his instruction.

And herein is my secret insight. Intelligent, gifted submissives are the naughtiest, sluttiest, hungriest girls imaginable. They are capable of giving themselves completely up to the man they trust and respect, and going places they themselves do not yet know they are capable of going. They are insatiable once leashed (note the irony). And they hunger to experience whatever their man challenges them with and sate him with the gift of their bodies and their talents.

For the man who can appreciate my words – I promise you – the dance on the fringe can be a most inspiring journey of sensual delights with a smart, talented girl.

Caption © Fringe of Darkness, 2012

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If it is you, memento audere semper

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This is so beyond perfect.

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It is not the girl who can’t make it on her own that is desirable to me (and no judgment on those who want that!). It’s the woman who is strong and smart in her own right and *chooses* to submit to me that makes all the difference.

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God yes, this. Helplessness and dependency are fun in roleplay, but for a partner I want someone who can be, well, a partner.

The feminist critique is in the air now. If my rendition of Black Panther wasn’t created by that critique, it breathed the same air. I can’t really kill off or depower women characters without grappling with Gail Simone. I can’t really think about how women characters are drawn anymore without thinking about the women in Bitch Planet, and how they seem drawn beyond the male gaze.

This is why criticism is important. The job of criticism isn’t to interrupt or encourage commercial prospects. (“Batman vs Superman smashes Box Office, despite critic complaints!”) Criticism should push our imagination and help us understand what is actually possible in art and, I’d argue, even what is moral. Through much of my time collecting comic books I never took much issue with how women were drawn. I had a vague sense that there was something about, say, the reworking of Psylocke that bugged me. But I simply didn’t give it much thought. It never occurred to me, for instance, to ask whether a superheroes pose was anatomically possible. It never occurred to me to ask why a super-hero would have DD cup-size. Was that for her benefit, or for mine? I never asked.

The feminist critique of comics has made “not asking” a lot harder. That, in itself, is a victory. The point is not to change the thinking of the active sexist. (Highly unlikely.) The point is  to force the passive sexist to take responsibility for his own thoughts.

The Feminists of Wakanda,  Ta-Nehisi Coats (via hellotailor)

I am irritated by my own writing. I am like a violinist whose ear is true, but whose fingers refuse to reproduce precisely the sound he hears within.

Gustave Flaubert




This perfectly explains how I feel right now. I can’t get the sounds in my head to translate to words on the screen. It’s infuriating.

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This is EXTREMELY common. It’s because, in order to become better, you first have to recognize what better is. That means your standards will always improve faster than your skills.